Modern ventilation systems for a healthier environment

On average most individuals spend over 75% of their time indoors. As such, having fresh and the quality air is very essential. Most of the illnesses are caused or provoked by poor air condition in our homes. The heat recovery systems will help eliminate stale, moist air from your house creating a healthy and sustainable place to live.

These ventilation systems are very beneficial and can easily be installed anywhere on any wall of your home. They are simple to fit and easy to operate. Thereby, if you want your home to remain healthier and well-heated, we recommend you consider installing total heat exchange and heat recovery systems in your property.

Total Heat exchange and heat recovery

Whether the ventilation recovery units are installed alongside a new or existing ventilation unit, they prevent the loss of heat through expulsion. This can save a lot of cash on reheating your home. It works as a great dehumidifier. Heat recovery systems ensure that up to 80% of the heat that is usually lost can be recovered. There are many units available to fit your requirements such as multi room and single room systems. Multi room systems eliminate the importance of trickle vents thus preventing heat loss and noise pollution. Installing this unit is essential since it can replace the air of your house at least once after every 2 hours.

The heat recovery units can pay for themselves within 5 years as such install one and get to enjoy all its benefits. Here at our company, we offer expert advice and tips as to getting the best ventilation system. We put our customer’s interest ahead of others by creating a healthier and a comfortable home environment.

Ventilation systems designs and installation

Our company provides free surveys, quotations, and designs for new total heat exchange and recovery units. The ventilation recovery units can pay for themselves in 5 years time thus making them an excellent long term investment.


These units are beneficial in:

•They eliminate moisture from your home. Moisture condensation causes damp, rot or mold growth. If the presence of mold is not well taken care of, they can cause serious health issues.

•These units provide clean, fresh air continuously. With heat recovery device, clean quality air is circulated throughout your house day and night. They constantly remove bad odor from your property creating a suitable environment to live.

•They eliminate any moisture or odor in the kitchen and bathrooms.

•These systems are also ideal for both commercial and domestic kitchen

At Air Conditioning South West, we are proud to provide heating and air conditioning systems. We know ventilations units very well, and we will assist you to get the best system for your home. Contact us for more information on heat recovery and other air conditioning guidance.

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